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Construction Completion Notice

A successful outcome for the manufacturer, saving his deposit of €100,000 and securing the premises to make a long term increase in production.

Working Capital Funding

A successful outcome for the manufacturer enabling him to honour the highly profitable contract and secure recurring business.

Site Acquisition for Development

Another successful outcome for the builder, saving his deposit of €260,000 and securing the opportunity to make a significant development profit.

Debt Settlement

A successful outcome for the borrower with a debt write off of €620,000 and retaining the properties.

How we can help you

Pinemont is not a broker but is a principal in the transaction. Pinemont can provide you with short-term funding to close transactions from 30 days to one year. Funding can be advanced immediately in amounts ranging from €350,000 to €5,000,000 on transactions in Ireland and the UK. The funds are not restricted to real estate transactions. We do require security. We are not brokers, and therefore, we can take decisions quickly.